Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaving 101( with Handmade Shaving Soap)

Goat Milk & Shea Butter Shaving Soaps with skin conditioning clays, provide a silky close shave, the natural way.
Once you try real shaving soap, you'll never use commercial shaving cream again!

A rich, lotion like lather gives great razor glide to prevent razor burn & irritation,
Leaves your skin feeling soft & conditioned. Women are loving these shaving soaps for the same reason men are: a smooth & nick free shave & the skin softening qualities of rich goat milk & emollient shea butter`.

Taking a few extra moments to shave correctly makes a huge difference. There's a CORRECT way to shave, you ask? Yup! Try the method below and see if you don't notice the difference!

Shaving 101 or A Better Way to Shave

"Wetshaving is just what the term implies – keeping your face (or for women, their legs) wet with plenty of hot water before, and during, the entire shave. In fact, you should always shave after a hot shower, not before (if you need to shave without taking a shower, washing your face with hot water for a few minutes will suffice). With a layer of hot water between your skin and the lather, the blade skims the surface instead of dragging on it, which is the main cause of irritation, redness, and “shave bumps”.

" Wetshaving gives you more effective shaves and better looking skin. The hot water opens the pores of your skin and relaxes your facial muscles, and it softens your whiskers for more effective cutting. Believe it or not, but your whiskers are tougher than the edge of a razor blade, and shaving “dry”, or mostly dry as with the vast majority of shaving creams, foams, and gels on the market, means you’re literally tugging on each and every hair on your face instead of neatly slicing it at the skin’s surface and moving on without irritating your skin. The key to proper wetshaving is keeping your face as wet as possible at all times during the shave. You’ll marvel at how much closer and more comfortable shaving can be when you keep your face hydrated at all times with lots of hot (not scalding) water."

Goat Milk & Shea Butter Shaving Soap @ Avail. in fragranced & unscented for sensitive skin.


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