Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angel Garden

I was outside doing some product photography today and my eyes were continually drawn to the angels peeking out of the ferns & greenery in one of my many gardens. Each one has a special meaning for me. Felt like I wanted to share them with you.

There Are Angels Among Us.


  1. Nice Ferns. I just love whimsy in the garden.

  2. wish I had a garden, darn apartment life!

    Yes I love Jamie & Claire!! I noticed that on your prolile when I was checking yours out earlier. I am about 1 book behind now so I still don't know how it ends yet :)

  3. Thanks for you comments Daisy Soap Girl & Burnt Mill Candles & Soap. We're heavy on whimsey AND statuary in the gardens ( I'm a yard sale junkie & Italian to boot) Can't imagine apartment life Burnt Mill. Gardening is therapy for me. Its so sane in my gardens. What book are you up to? I gobbled up Snow & Ashes & have been anxiously awaiting the next one!