Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boy, have I got Eggs!

The cute little puff ball chicks from last July have morphed into mature chicken ladies and commenced laying just before Christmas. Red Comets lay beautiful, large brown eggs and are personable as well. These gals have been raised on non medicated organic feed & produce and are the healthiest & happiest chickens around! But lets do the math. 26 hens x 5 eggs per week is a staggering number of eggs. If this were Farmers Market Season, I'd be selling eggs as fast as the girls could produce them! While the shop is open, this is the slow time of year. Had a brilliant idea this am for marketing these eggs to the folks who purchase organic at the supermarket. Wish me luck on this one. If you are local, the shop is open Wednesday thru Sunday, 11am-6pm and in addition to our Goat Milk Soaps & Lotions, Soaps by Happy Herbs Soap, beautiful & Funky scarves by Out of Hand, ....we have eggs for sale!