Thursday, March 25, 2010

" Share Your Journey"

April 2, 2010 7pm Lets Gather 'round the fire!

We want to hear YOUR Story! Do you love to chat with like-mind individuals? Wouldn't you like to hear how others in your community came to their current understandings, intuitive talents, spiritualities? Here's your chance!
Come to the Soap Barn for an informal gathering and round table discussion group. Each of you will be given the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us all a little bit about how you got here. What makes you a seeker? What are your specific interests? Share about your spiritual path if you like. We're anxious to get to know our members and to find out how we can best serve your interests. Plus it's just FUN to hear everyone's stories! Admission will be $5 per person. We'll have tea and coffee. Bring a light snack to share, if you'd like! Can't wait to meet you all!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Instant Spring

On the heels of a very heavy snowfall a few weeks ago, came 5 days of 60-70 degree lovelies that produced a much needed "Instant Spring". Here in the valley, Daffodils & Crocus are everywhere heralding the changing of the seasons. It may snow again before winter releases us, but this week was a much needed tonic for this winter weary soul.
Happy Spring to all!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Mouse Who Came to Tea

We had a lovely gathering for " Meet the Mystics" at The Soap Barn last Saturday. We all enjoyed cheese & crackers, biscotti, tea & wine. It was warm & cozy by the fire and conversation was lively.

Mr Bill, our Wizard in residence quietly asked me if I had a container to catch the mouse.
Sitting daintily next to the cookie plate was a field mouse nicely eating a chocolate chip biscotti as tho she was an invited guest! Rather than being horrified, my guests commented on her confidence and manners! ( After all, she only ate HER cookie & we WERE in a barn)

She was quickly captured and taken outside . Our gentle wizard made sure she was away from the barn and sheltered from the rain while she finished her treat. A lovely time was had by ALL!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Insect Repellent" formerly known" as Buzz Off

We have recently been informed by the lawyers for S.C.Johnson & Son, Inc. that they own the name "bugzoff" and "bugoff", and all variations thereof: and have respectfully asked us to cease using it. We have complied and NOW have to come up with a new name for our product.

Here is the Challenge!! Suggest an alternative name for our insect repellent products. If your suggestion is used then we will give you a $25 gift certificate to be used on our website or in our shop! (If more than one of you VERY creative folks suggests the same name, then we will give the credit to the first person who suggests it).

I have been trying for months to come up with a name that suggests swarms of insects fleeing in mortal terror, and have come up with...nada. So put on your thinking caps and please submit your suggestio
n by April 15th.

It Smells Like Spring

What a bright clear day we had. With temperatures in the low 50's you can see the snow mountains getting smaller by the day! While we have a glorious crop of mud, the air smells like SPRING!

I took a walk about the yard and gardens today. If you concentrate very hard & squint, this is what you see! However, when your vision clears and you look down, the center photo tells the true tale. But I know Spring is on the way, cause I CAN SMELL IT!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet the Mystics RESCHEDULED

RESCHEDULED: Meet The Mystics
Psychic Fair & Open House
March 13th from noon till 5
For more info or to schedule your reading

Monday, March 1, 2010

A little snow...

For all that the Southern States & sections of NY ( NYC. & LI) have had lots of snow this season, we havent had much up here in "our neck of the woods"
The back to back storms last week & into the weekend gave us all a "wake up call" about the power & fury of Mother Nature!
All the things that worry us became unimportant as we shifted into : Stay Warm, Stay Dry, and whats on the pantry shelves that we can eat? ( And how do we move 2 feet of snow)
We melted snow in canning pots to have enough water for the animals to drink.
No one complained about what was served for meals.
Everyone worked together to shovel out livestock, cars, and narrow paths to take us where we had to go.
Layers became our new fashion statement.
We huddled together in a nest of quilts and told stories till it was time to go to bed.
Neighbors helped neighbors with shovels, snowblowers, front end loaders and whatever they had.
And without the distractions of TV, internet, phone, and the endless list of "have to do's", we all worked together to stay safe. I was almost sorry when the power came back on.
I hope everyone stayed safe & warm!