Monday, March 1, 2010

A little snow...

For all that the Southern States & sections of NY ( NYC. & LI) have had lots of snow this season, we havent had much up here in "our neck of the woods"
The back to back storms last week & into the weekend gave us all a "wake up call" about the power & fury of Mother Nature!
All the things that worry us became unimportant as we shifted into : Stay Warm, Stay Dry, and whats on the pantry shelves that we can eat? ( And how do we move 2 feet of snow)
We melted snow in canning pots to have enough water for the animals to drink.
No one complained about what was served for meals.
Everyone worked together to shovel out livestock, cars, and narrow paths to take us where we had to go.
Layers became our new fashion statement.
We huddled together in a nest of quilts and told stories till it was time to go to bed.
Neighbors helped neighbors with shovels, snowblowers, front end loaders and whatever they had.
And without the distractions of TV, internet, phone, and the endless list of "have to do's", we all worked together to stay safe. I was almost sorry when the power came back on.
I hope everyone stayed safe & warm!


  1. It sure was a doozy, wasn't it? A peaceful walk while it was softly falling, before the ice formed, and the branches started falling down...And it was fun for the first day and night without power...candlelight, fireplace, hot tea and cocoa by the fire...okay, enough! The joy of HOT, RUNNING WATER!

  2. Sure makes you realize how much we take for granted. I really enjoyed the hour long bath in the clawfoot tub!!