Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Mouse Who Came to Tea

We had a lovely gathering for " Meet the Mystics" at The Soap Barn last Saturday. We all enjoyed cheese & crackers, biscotti, tea & wine. It was warm & cozy by the fire and conversation was lively.

Mr Bill, our Wizard in residence quietly asked me if I had a container to catch the mouse.
Sitting daintily next to the cookie plate was a field mouse nicely eating a chocolate chip biscotti as tho she was an invited guest! Rather than being horrified, my guests commented on her confidence and manners! ( After all, she only ate HER cookie & we WERE in a barn)

She was quickly captured and taken outside . Our gentle wizard made sure she was away from the barn and sheltered from the rain while she finished her treat. A lovely time was had by ALL!


  1. Oh what a cute story and a true story at that : )
    Do stop by my Whimsical Blog whenever you have time to collect a friendly award.
    Take care,
    Doreen : )

  2. Thanks Doreen. I love your Whimsical Blog & will pop by again soon!