Monday, June 1, 2009

A beautiful day in the country...

A dear old friend, gone these last 10 years would always greet his neighbors with: " It's a beautiful day in the country>" No matter what the weather or the season, to the "Judge" , a day in our valley was always worth commenting upon. I think it was his was of gently reminding us to slow down enough to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us here in Walker Valley.
This morning, as usual, I had a list of things that needed to be accomplished before today was yesterday. My intentions were good, I felt motivated and goal oriented. I was looking forward to completing each task and the satisfaction that goes with checking it off the list. And then I went outside.
In early spring, when the weather is fine, I start each day wandering my gardens: coffee cup in hand, to check on the progress of all growing things. I wander the gardens in my nightgown, listening to the birds greet the rising sun, with no one to see me but the animals. It's a peaceful way to start my day& something I dream about during the long frozen winter mornings.
Today was not the day for my to do list. I wandered , puttered, planted, potted & pruned.
I sat on a bench and planned the bentwood arbor I would build to shade it. I pictured it covered with vibrant orange trumpet vine & humming birds keeping me company while I rested in it's shade.
I repotted a water lily with root ball so huge it's pot was bursting. I looked at the tiny gold fish in my little water garden and thought of them so large I would have to find homes for many.
I rearranged the decorative trash & treasures that make up my garden accents & create whimsy when you least expect it. Moving things about, elevating statuary, moving chimes where they catch the breeze in a different way, changing the waterfall in my little pond so that the sound will carry to bedroom window as I lay in bed. It dawned on me that I wasnt wasting time. I decorated my outside world in a way that soothes my spirit & took a day to just "be".

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  1. What a relaxing way to start the day. Glad that the weather has been cooperating. Love the gargoyle peeking out from under the bush. Just don't work harder today to make up for yesterday! Judy M.