Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why use Goat Milk Soap??

I'm frequently asked: "Why use Goat Milk soap?"
" What are the benefits? The science? How does it work?"

From ancient times to modern, goats milk has been recognized as a natural and effective skin moisturizer and rejuvenater.

The Science: Goat Milk contains capric, caprylic, and caproic acids and naturally occurring triglycerides. When used in soap this results in a lower pH level than most commercially prepared soaps. This pH is much closer to the normal pH of healthy hair & skin and helps protect our skin from negative environmental factors.

Our skin has an 'acid mantle' ( a protective shield) produced by the oils glands that ensures that the pH balance is maintained. When an alkaline substance comes into contact with the skin, the balance is lost. After showering have you ever felt like you skin is dry, tight, uncomfortable? The acid mantle of the skin has becomes neutralized. Oil glands react by secreting excess sebum to try and restore the balance. This can result in black heads or pimples with the surrounding skin becoming dry and damaged.

So, why use goat milk soap?
Vitamin A & D and the cream in goat milk make a wonderfully MOISTURIZING soap.

Free of chemical additives & preservatives, goat milk soap reduces the risk of irritation or allergic reactions and is ideal for SENSITIVE SKIN.

The proteins in Goat Milk kill acne causing bacteria making it an ideal choice for teens or those with ACNE prone skin.

The alpha-hydroxy acids in goat milk help slough off dead skin cells and NATURALLY EXFOLIATES giving skin a smoother appearance.

Dermatologists frequently recommend goat milks soap for their patients with ECZEMA & PSORIASIS to reduce the itching and red patches that accompany these skin problems.

So there you have it. Pure, simple and good for your skin. Basic IS better! We have a large variety of goat milk soaps @ Whether you prefer unscented, essential oils, herbs, or fragrance you'll probably find one that's just right for you.

If you have a serious skin condition, please consult with a licensed health care provider. We are in no way attempting to treat or diagnose any skin condition.

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