Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to The New Year!

May it bring more joy and success
And less grief & regret.
To our dreams...
May we never stop believing in them
And taking the actions that will make them a reality.
To our friends and loved ones,
May we take the time to let them know
How much it means to us
To have them in our lives.
Let us encourage more and criticize less,
Give more and need less.
And whenever we can,
Let us create harmony and peace.
To new beginnings...
Let us start fresh, right now,
To make this the very best year ever.
A very Happy New Year to all of us!
by Joanna Fuchs


  1. Hope your New Year's is off to a fantatic start. I agree with you that we should take more time to let the people that mean the most to us how we feel about them. Encourage more, criticize less...yes we should all strive to live by your words. :)

  2. Hope the start of your New Year is a good one. I knew when I read this poem, that I had to work harder to live it myself. Not my words, but I know I'm going to work on it. Blessings to you & yours!