Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woodstock Sunday at Mowers Market

I packed up with my 'soap-sister' Nina of Happy Herbs Soap early Sunday morning to head off to Mowers Market in Woodstock NY. Every Saturday & Sunday for the last 30+ years, the quiet meadow becomes a flea market & craft extravaganza. No visit to Woodstock is complete without a stop at the meadow .

" Mower's Saturday Market is situated on two beautiful acres, in a grass-covered field, down Maple Lane, behind Bread Alone, across the street from Maria's Bazar, and one short block from the famous Village Green. . It is, as you will discover, a treat both for the eye and the pocketbook.

A vital part of Woodstock's tradition, Mower's Saturday Market is a piece of Woodstock's history, a wonderful part of its present and will, no doubt, have a place in its future.

We do not exaggerate when we tell you that you can find everything from antiques to zebras, from zithers to artwork. "

Once we were set up & settled, I set off for a quick look around the market. African drumming, antiques, air plants, meditation gongs, stone work, veggies, jams, yard sale treasures, strolling musicians: so much to take in! I felt like a kid in a candy store!

What a fun day! Thanks Nina


  1. Oh lucky you and God bless you for having such a wonderful place to set up your stall : )
    It looks like a fantastic place/market of my dreams. Glad you enjoyed your fun day!

  2. Thanks Doreen! This was my first time at this market. It was very hot so the sales weren't great. Am thinking of doing it again this weekend and a few times in the fall. It really was alot of fun. Interesting people & lots of cool stuff!

  3. I think I'd love to visit there...can never have too many zithers! ;)

    And any place that sells soaps is a grand place, IMO.

  4. Why do I live in the middle of Canada? All the good stuff is always so far away! I wish we had markets like that closer to home.

  5. Woodstock is a bit of a time warp, but in a good way. You never know what treasure you may find from week to week. Like a treasure hunt, except you don't know what the treasure is until you find it!

    I'm sure there are great things in Canada too. Maybe just more spread out??

  6. That sounds awesome - especially the African Drumming. Your blog is lovely and I really like the purple theme of your table - very nice.

  7. The purple theme would be the Lovely Nina. Happy Herbs Soap is ALWAYS decked out in Nina's favorite color!