Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whimsey All Around...

Whimsy is all around us. Some created for our own pleasure, some a gift & inspiration from the Master Gardener.

"Follow your intuition, plant your desires, stand still, be patient. The universe will provide bounty, the likes of which you can only dream" Vivian Elizabeth Glyck

12 Lessons on Life I Learned from My Garden


  1. Actually, I saw a chipmunk contemplating moving in. I wonder if the faerie's will mind?

  2. Oh what an inspirational posting...those pictures could all come together to make up a lovely whimsical tale : )

    Come on over to my blog, I have an Award for you!

    Doreen : )

  3. I love the little chipmunk house!

  4. I think this little house was originally intended as a bird house, but the chipmunks & faieries had other ideas. I love that i'm learning how to use a digital camera to capture all the beauty in the garden. Thanks for your comments, ladies!