Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing the Basket Hokey Pokey!!

We just got a big new shipment of African Market Baskets!
They come flattened and we have to do 'the dip & roll" to shape them into what you
see here! If you've purchased a basket that had gotten dirty or the shape has gone 'wonky',
here's the fix!
Immerse the basket for 15-20 seconds in plain water.
(Try not to wet the leather as you rehydrate the grass fibers.)
Turn it on its side on your counter or picnic table and roll it.
Flatten the bottom and let air dry!
Now YOU"RE doing the Basket 'Hokey Pokey'!!!


  1. Good one Lynn. The basket hokey pokey! And I laughed out loud when I saw "Pete"...And you are sooo right, he is a peaceful dragon.

  2. The basket hokey pokey is also the name of the dance when it starts to rain at markets!
    With lavender within, how can Pete be anything but peaceful??

  3. I am your newest fan-- Hoping you stop over to my blog and check it out and follow.