Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Soap Barn's New Home

What a labor of love to reclaim this space and create a
new home for my soap shop. Underneath that lovely pine floor is century old cement . Mr Bill framed & leveled it, installed rigid insulation and installed this great floor with cut nails like the rest of the barn.
Built in 1850, the barn was the Carriage House for this property . Pegged beams and original wood make this a warm & cozy spot.

The glass store front fills the wide open space that wagons, carriages, & horses once used. The huge sliding barn doors still hang outside. While still functional, they're just decorative now. ( A small front porch levels the rise out front)

We've installed thermopane storms on the inside of all the
old windows to keep us a bit warmer. Mr Bill cut all the interior frame pieces so I could conjure up a stain that matched old weathered barn wood.
A Harmon pellet stove was installed for heat, and a ton of pellets stacked along side of the winters hay. We insulated where we could, and I'll be hanging some of my quilt collection on the chillier walls. Once again these heirloom textiles will be keeping out the winters chill .

Its taken several years, countless hours, and more dollars than we expected, but re purposing this wonderful old building was truly a labor of love.


  1. WOW! It's lovely! Congrats! Who wouldn't dream of being in your shoes! Super cool :) Thanks for sharing & good luck to you.

  2. Thanks Fern. Im so fortunate to have this wonderful old building . The nicest compliment I get is " this is so home like...I could live in here". ( Which is a good thing seeing as I practically do!) Soothing energy in these old buildings.

  3. Impressive! It's so cozy & comfortable. I bet it looks great set up. Please post photos when that happens.

  4. Vicki: We are now waiting for the barn kitties vet appt before they make the move to the big house. Have to coordinate cat move to house with big men avail to move large furniture down. Im ready...just coordinating. ( I think the original plan was for June?? NOT) So, its very soon!

  5. Thanks DJ Looking forward to making it my own. Will be sure to post photo's when move is complete. Alot of work...but I'm so excited!

  6. It is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see it filled with all your goodies!

  7. Thanks Kay. Got the big furniture downstairs last night ( thanks to my men). Now, how fast can I turn it into a shop?? I think once the furniture makes sense, it will happen. Filled pictures to follow!