Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasures from the Sea

The natural sea sponges for "Treasures from the Sea" soap are harvested from the Gulf of Mexico near Tarpon Springs Florida.

Our sponges are sustainably harvested by sponge divers who cut only a section of the plant , leaving a large section of sponge to regrow. Careful rotation cutting keeps any area from being over harvested. This results in larger , healthier sponges without destroying a vital part of the ocean environment.

Sea sponges are safer & last longer than synthetic sponges. Synthetic sponges & bath poufs can quickly become a haven for mold, mildew, & bacteria. Sea sponges contain a naturally occurring enzymes that inhibit bacterial growth. Which would you rather wash with?

Our Sea Sponges Soaps are embedded through the whole bar of soap & eliminate the need for a washcloth . Once the soap is gone, rinse the sponge with white vinegar & continue to enjoy. Safe for all skin types, Treasures from the Sea are available in several fragrances and soap types.

Please stop by to choose your own favorite "Treasure from the Sea"


  1. I love that your sponges are sustainably harvested! I try to look for that in everything I buy.

  2. I agree with you Teresa. If we don't stop taking from our planet without considering the long term effects, what are we going to leave our children

    I think we need to strike a balance & treat our planet with a bit more care.