Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Safe Journey

Early each spring, the hummingbirds hover outside my kitchen window
reminding me that I havent put the feeder up for them. Its hard to believe that after migrating to Mexico, South America, and Cuba for the winter, the
same birds make their way back to where they hatched & know where the food belongs!

Last week saw a flurry of feeding activity at the feeder. My guests were getting ready for their long trip south. Hormonal changes & the changing of the seasons signals the start of the migration more predictably than any calender. Like the changing leaves & chilly nights , the departure of the hummingbirds tells us that winter is on its way.


  1. Oh how blessed to witness such a lovely miracle of nature ~ enjoy!
    Thanks for posting about this, it was lovely to read : )

  2. Thanks Doreen. Do you have hummingbirds in Malta?
    It amazes me every spring when they chip & chatter as if to say : "Didnt you forget something?" And heaven help me if I let the feeder become empty! They swoop around me and scold until I tend to them! You just know that Heavenly Father is a bird watcher!

  3. Thank you for following! I will be checkin out your store on Etsy. Do you do luffa soaps?? Thanks again! Wendy
    God Save the GOurds!

  4. We still have some hummers hanging around here, stragglers of the summer. We never feed them, but we grow flowers that they like to feed from. :)

  5. No LynnAnneI have never seen a humming bird : (
    And if they do come here I am sure they will have to be protected. I made a search but could not find anything to do with their visiting our island however I did find info about a plant named Maltese Cross (Lychnis chalcedonica) which hummingbirds love and I've read is like chocolate cake to them!!!
    Read here...

  6. They are so pretty. I've been trying to get hummingbirds for years. How do you do it? They were actually born on your place?

  7. As Doreen & Teresa mention, there are many plants that attract hummingbirds. Red is their favorite and plants like bee balm, butterfly bushes, lilies, & all the butterfly attracting types are a food source for them also. Feeders early in the spring attract them also. Ive read that the birds return to where they hatched to raise their own young. That would explain why I get scolded when the feeder is not out. They know it belongs there!!

  8. Holy smokes!! What great pictures! I will have to really practice to get as good as you before the next Ocracoke trip!!! Judy