Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

After a long, seeming endless winter, Spring has sprung here in the Valley. The robins are back, peeper frogs sing us to sleep, and the snowdrops, squill, and daffodils give us a preview of colors to come!
April 18th is the Pine Bush Little League Parade. All the kids are out in their bright new uniforms to parade down Main Street & to the Town Park to the music of our own Walker Valley Marching Band & HS Marching Band. Small town fun at its best!
But something else will be happening downtown that day. Pine Bush has a long history of UFO sightings & is known as The UFO Capitol of the Northeast. Aliens have been spotted popping up in shop windows all over town!! What is this strange phenonmenon?? Its UFO Hide & Seek!! A FUN & FREE Event for the whole family. Spot "Alfie the Alien" in his flying saucer in each shop with aliens in the window and collect a star token. Collect 18 tokens ( 10 for children 5 and under) and redeem at Stewarts for a free ice cream cone. Enter to win a free shop local gift basket! No registration required and everyone can play! Here are a few of the extraterrestrials we've spotted.


  1. Geesh, you just had to put HIM up there ;) lol
    nice post, its about time you put one up, lazy bones, what have you been doing with all your time?

  2. LOL, I spotted "Rocket Man"! My fave is still "Yoga Master".

  3. I've been sitting on my hinie eatong Bon'Bons & watching soap operas. How 'bout you, Miss Pickles??